Seahorse’s Trip to Powderham Castle

Polishing boots, beating rugs, measuring for cakes, scrubbing floors, twisting paper for the fire, ironing using a flat iron, polishing and dusting. Hard work, interesting and fun. We even found two hidden doorways.

Our plants have been growing now for a week. We have been watering the plants which need water and keep the others out of the light. Take a look at how they’re growing!

Plant 1: No water but light

Plant 4: Light and water









Plant 3: No light but water

Plant 2: No water or light

The Lonely Beast Diary, Part 1

Look what we have found! The Lonely Beast has shared part of his diary with Year 1!

Our plant diary: part 1.

In Turtles class we have been learning about the life cycle of a plant. We have become super scientists and have been conducting our very own science experiment! We have planted lots of sunflower seeds and put them into four different environment’s. We have predicted which seed will grow to be the strongest and healthiest.

Which seed do you think will grow to be strong and healthy? Why do you think that?

We would love to hear from you!

Environment 1: Water and Sunlight.

Environment 2: No sunlight but water.

Environment 3: No sunlight or water

Environment 4: Sunlight but no water

We will be uploading pictures of our plants progress!

Veo, Veo

Year 2 have really enjoyed playing the Spanish version of the game ‘I spy’… (‘Veo,veo’). We’ve even been playing it on the playground at lunchtime! Here’s how it goes….

Veo veo

-¿qué ves?

-Una cosita.

-¿Y qué cosita es?

-Empieza con la “C“

¿Qué será, qué será, qué será?

To follow on from this, the children have learnt how to use a Spanish picture dictionary and a bi-lingual dictionary to find out new words so we can play more rounds of ‘VeoVeo’!


Achieving High in French!

At the end of last term, Mme.Bell awarded Linguist of the Term Certificates to the following children to celebrate their success, accelerated progress and positive attitude towards their learning in French:

Year 3 – Imogen Roberts

Year 4 – Gemma Ford

Year 5 – Olivia Wragg

Year 6 – Olivia Kenyon

The following children were also awarded French Certificates to celebrate the outstanding work they have produced this term in all areas of their French learning:

Callie Ryan, Lewis Howard, Reece Capron, Serena Iordache, Jayden Wills, Danuel Smith, James Martin and Lila Nyari.

As a reward, we all spent the last afternoon of the Spring Term playing French board games, making French Easter cards whilst enjoying ‘Pain au Chocolat’ and ‘Sirop de fraise’….délicieux!

A big MERCI and BRAVO to all of you for working so hard and achieving so highly!

Teach Your Monster to Read

In Puffer Fish we have been trialing the online phonics game, ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’, two children have received a letter from their monster to congratulate them on their progress and we only starting using the program today!!!

Well done Dylan and Samuel, keep up the good work.

Dear 2-Turtles

I have heard that you are describing Barton Hill Academy in a letter to Anna. I was wondering if I could borrow some of your photos and descriptions to put on our school website?

Many thanks,
Mr Eccles

A Wookey Adventure by 3 Octopus

3 Octopus created an iMovie using an iPad to showcase our  amazing visit to Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset.

We learnt to use a variety of techniques including sound recording, picture sequencing, sound effects and a timeline to produce the movie.

We were treated to a real life Cinema experience on Friday by watching our fantastic movies with popcorn, before completing a film review worksheet for each movie. We were film critics!

They must have been good as the lowest score as four out of five stars!


Listen to our Performing Arts group at the Torbay Schools Festival of Performing Arts

Listen to Barton Hill Academy at the Torbay Schools Festival of Performing Arts (Their performance begins at about 26:00mins if you want to skip straight to it!).

Well done to everyone who took part, it was a fantastic event.

Oysters trip to Occombe Farm

The Oysters had a great trip to Occombe Farm.  It was a great hook to The Little Red Hen story. They enjoyed bread making learning about changes in materials. They also learned all about the life cycle of a chicken and how they grow inside the eggs!
The leader was extremely proud of our groups engagement and behavior they had a great time despite the weather!

The Little Red Hen by James

James from Oysters class showing off his amazing independent writing including, speech marks, question marks and exclamations! Fantastic work James, well done.

Red Nose Day 2017

Reception had great fun dressing in red clothes and wearing red noses to raise money for Red Nose Day.


Coral Class visit Pennywell Farm

Coral class visited Pennywell Farm to learn about farm animals and how to look after them.

We were able to hold some animals and we bottle fed the lambs, after making up their milk.

It was an exciting day and we learnt lots about farm animals!

Maths No Problem: Fractions

In Seahorses, we are learning to extend and deep our thinking. If we are feeling super clever, we will add our thinking to this blog. Pop along later and see what we share.

Made with Padlet

What fantastic writing we have!

In Seahorses, we have been working on improving our writing. Watch this space to see example of our fantastic sentences, language choices and punctuation.

Made with Padlet


In Seahorses, we have been learning about how we can add suffixes to our root words. Some of us have been extending our learning further by using them in sentences and even explaining how the suffix changes the meaning. Can you add any of your own?

Made with Padlet

Seahorse’s Science

In Science, we have been learning about animals in their habitats; alive, dead or never been alive and food chains. Daisy wanted a way to extend her learning so she asked if we could make this Padlet. Watch this space to see how it is used.

Made with Padlet

Exclamations, questions, commands and statements

In Seahorses, we have been learning how to write each of these sentence types. Write some more in the comments section if you can think of any of your own.

Made with Padlet

Jour Internationale de Bonheur

To celebrate International Day of Happiness, our favourite pop group Kids United have released this song. Hope you enjoy it! (Here are the lyrics in English)

We wish you all the happiness in the world
and that someone reaches you the hand
That your road escapes from bombs
That it leads to quiet gardens.
We wish you all the happiness in the world
For today like for tomorrow
That your sun lights up the shadow
That it shines because of love every single day.
Because the future belongs to you
Because we don’t control your destiny
May your escape be for tomorrow
Because everything we might offer you
will not always be enough
In this freedom that will come
Because we won’t always be there
Like we did it at the first steps.
You are facing an entire life
So many dreams to live till the end
Probably also with lot of joy
Free of making your own choices
To choose what will be your way
And where it will lead you
I just hope you will take time
to enjoy every moment.
I don’t know what a world we will leave behind
We do our best, but sometimes I only
hope that it will be enough
Not to save your carefreeness
But to calm down your conscience
Will I have the right to trust in you…

International Day of Happiness.

La campagne « Petits Schtroumpfs, grands objectifs » (“Small Smurfs Big Goals”), qui a été lancée par les Nations Unies, le Fonds des Nations Unies pour l’enfance (UNICEF) et la Fondation des Nations Unies, a l’intention d’utiliser la popularité des personnages des Schtroumpfs pour encourager les enfants, les jeunes et les adultes à contribuer à un monde plus heureux, plus pacifique, plus équitable et plus sain. L’objectif visé est d’inciter le grand public à s’approprier les 17 objectifs de développement durable adoptés par les 193 États Membres de l’ONU en 2015. Le soutien de l’Équipe Schtroumpfs durera jusqu’au 20 mars 2017, qui est la Journée internationale du bonheur.